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Investor Services

you can download the following formats :-

Format Format Usage
Investor Charter Investor Charter for RTA.
Investor Complaint Summary Investor Complaint Summary as per SEBI Circular
SEBI Circular dated 3rd November 2021 Circular for KYC details like updation of Address Bank details PAN Nomination, Signature etc.
FORM ISR-1 Format for Request for Registering PAN, KYC details for Changes/Updation etc.
FORM ISR-2 Updation/Confirmation of Signature of securities holder by the Banker
FORM ISR-3 Declaration Form for Opting-out of Nomination
FORM SH-13 Nomination Registration
FORM SH-14 Cancellation or Variation of Nomination
SEBI Circular dated 26th November 2021 Investor charter and disclosure of complaints
Change of Name Format for change of Name
Deletion of Name Name Deletion for Joint Holder in case of Death
Transfer of Share Instruction for Transfer of Shares
Transmission of Shares Transmission of Shares after the death of the Registered Share Holder
Transposition of Shares Transpositioning of Names
Issue of Duplicate Share Certificates  (For Holder) Format for obtaining the duplicate share certificate (For Holder)
Issue of Duplicate Share Certificates  (For Buyer) Format for obtaining the duplicate share certificate (For Buyer)
Demat of Share Procedure for Demat of Securities
Indemnity Bond (For CAN / Refund Order/ Interest / Dividend Warrants) Format for obtaining Duplicate Refund Order/Interest Warrant/Dividend warrant
Remat of Share Procedure for Remat of Securites

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